Enterprise Asset Management Systems
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LMS Realtime™ software is a Public Safety and Mission critical specific software that allows the ability to track, manage and capture entire communications system’s assets. These assets include, but are not limited to any equipment and infrastructure items and also any serialized asset such as public safety vehicles and contents, laptops, batteries, communications radio equipment, pagers, cellular phones, IT equipment, etc. LMS Realtime™ software includes a fully integrated suite of asset management modules that not only track assets and equipment but create the security and ability to be prepared for any catastrophic event. These assets are tracked from acquisition to disposition. The software also includes a fully integrated accounting system to show each municipality what their assets are and the servicing of them are costing the taxpayers and in addition shows the location of each individual asset. Because the importance of security and accountability in a government agency, having one complete management system that can be modified quickly and is shaped and customized to each individual agency and the specific facets within each agency should be a top priority.

LMS’s Realtime™ software was designed specifically for managing the needs and functions of your Public Safety and Communications Agencies assets. The software was developed using actual Government Agencies as its beta sites. LMS had dedicated the last three and a half years into furthering the development of software in order to keep up with the constant advancing technologies. The Realtime™ Software system is fully tested, operational and used successfully by a number of Government Agencies and Wireless Dealers for the past 20 years. Implementation into your organization can be accomplished in less than a month including data conversion and training.

LMS RealTime™ software will enable the user to better control assets. It is modular, yet totally integrated. It can accommodate anywhere from five hundred to five billion records, yet is scalable enough to fit almost any size agency and budget. It is also matchless to any other system on the market and yet very affordable.

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