LMS Management
Patrick A. McMaster - President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. McMaster serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lifeline Management Systems. He is responsible for the development of the LMS software and implementation of the software and advances the company in both product reliability and service.

Mr. McMaster attended Southern Benedictine College in Cullman, Alabama, achieving All Conference honors at both Southern Benedictine and Wallace College. Pat graduated from Wallace College in 1981. His previous endeavors include Co-Founder and President/CEO of MCM Technology, Inc. in 1999. Pat founded and served as President/CEO of several other companies including Southern Beauty Enterprises and McMaster Classics. Pat was also a former Vice President of Sales and Production for Southern Comfort Conversions, Inc.

Pat McMaster is the key in the growth of LMS. His hard work has and will continue to be a staple in the success and growth of Lifeline Management Systems.

David (Pete) Bledsoe – CFO
Mr. Bledsoe is the CFO of Lifeline Management Systems. In this position he is responsible for various tasks including aiding in the management and development of various accounting modules within the LMS Software, overseeing and advising the company and creating business plans in order for LMS to continue to grow. Mr. Bledsoe has been with Lifeline Management Systems from the beginning until today.

Mr. Bledsoe is the staff CPA with over 40 years experience. As a CPA, Mr. Bledsoe has worked in retail, construction, banking, health care and many other areas. Mr. Bledsoe has been in fiscal management, operations management and has over 15 years in public accounting both with a national CPA firm and his own firm. His experience includes 10 years in the software business and he is one of the founders of LMS.

His profound experience and maturity will insure the accounting portion of LMS software is accurate and efficient. Mr. Bledsoe plans to be active with LMS for many more years and will aide in its progress.

Lane McMaster; Office/Accounts Manager
Lane leads Lifeline’s Organizational Development and Customer Relationship Management team; providing the ground work for LMS’s progression as a company through bettering customer relationships, supplying effective organizational methods and supervising daily planning and accomplishments.

Lane graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in December 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Spanish. She plans on using this to further our business market into different regions.

Lifeline is sure by bringing Ms. McMaster onto their team that they will enhance the development of Lifeline Communication Systems during a critical time of growth. She will be able to provide LMS with effective client assistance due to her previous years of experience in a customer service market. Lifeline is confident that Lane is a superior addition to our team and we are excited to see her aid Lifeline’s expansion in the near future.

Jim Whitlock; VP Sales
Jim oversees the Sales Department Team for Lifeline Management Systems. He comes to Lifeline with Executive Management Experience as the Information Technology and Software Director for a Fortune 500 Company. Mr. Whitlock found his life’s passion after entering the sales arena for a Worldwide Provider of construction equipment, eventually rising to the executive level with ownership. Jim manages LMS’s system of sales with his various effective methods and is an asset to the company.

The experience that he brings to Lifeline Management Systems is invaluable to our current clients. Jim is the author of several books for the user community as well as teaching computer software techniques. He has most recently served on the board of MBCEA Southeast Chapter. Mr. Whitlock’s experiences will enable him to work well with all customers as well as the support staff of LMS.

Bob McMaster – Application & Support Consultant
Bob is the Programmer/Developer of Lifeline Management Systems. Bob’s role includes implementation of the LMS software with new clients, handling any issues that arise and helping to develop the system constantly to become even more user friendly and efficient.

Mr. McMaster has over 25 years experience in the Computer Industry servicing the Mobile Communications Industry. Prior to that, Bob worked as a technician at Shelby Communications and Birmingham Communications in Alabama. Mr. Master has spent the past year pursuing his Microsoft Certified Program Developer Certification with specific focus on the Microsoft .Net framework.

LMS is very proud to have Bob as a diligent and dedicated employee. Mr. McMaster will also be very valuable to LMS as we support our growing customer base and aid in Lifeline’s plans to greatly expand the company in the following years.