Telepath Corporation signs with Lifeline Management Systems
October 2010 – Trussville, AL – Telepath Corporation signs with LMS for implementation and use of the LMS Management Software in Freemont, CA.

Telepath was founded in July of 1978 by Les Ettinger. His initial vision was to buy, refurbish and resell radio equipment and his services were utilized by dealers from all across the United States. Telepath’s goal is to provide communication that is reliable, secure and always accessible. Telepath’s current President and Chief Executive Officer is JoJo Tran, who joined their team in 1990.

Telepath provides command and control programs around the globe, including:

• Complex VOIP Two-Way Radio Systems
• Security Camera Systems
• Access Control
• Wireless Networking
• Emergency Vehicle Build Up
• RF Signal Re-Enforcement
• High Tech Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Utilities
• Public Safety Entities

Lifeline is pleased to publicize the integration of our systems at Telepath. We believe the utilization of our 7.75 RealtimeTM software will benefit Telepath in the upcoming years. Not only does Lifeline believe our system will aid Tran with his goal of becoming the leading product and service provider in the greater bay area, but we also hope to help towards the greater goal of better, more efficient public safety.

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